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good idea, bad idea

Good idea: my old Win98 computer at work finally got replaced with an XP machine with a DVD drive & good sound

Better idea: knightaudit got Outlook working for me and had it recognizing the main Network drive. I even added a Network printer.

Bad idea: The first time it restarted (after adding Adobe Reader) it immediately lost track of the Network drives & printers and I can't get them back! The printer says "access denied" and I can't see the drive directories any more.

knightaudit, help!! I tried mapping the Network drive again but can't it to work. It's there somewhere, I still have Internet & email access through the Network, but can't get to any of the files or printers.

How did you get it working the first time?

ETA Thanks Knight! Note to self: remove the netware client, restart & reinstall it.
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