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Star Songs

June 15th, 2007

so much for getting an early start @ 08:30 am

Current Mood: working working

Good thing today's a Payroll Friday. I come to work an hour early once every two weeks, to get all the last-minute changes entered and print the master time sheets for managers to sign off on. I'd been here barely long enough to sit my backpack down and grab a sip of coffee when my phone rings. It's the 3rd shift front desk clerk - she's snapped the master key for all the deposit boxes. (Each box has two locks, one for that master and one individual key.) No master means the night crew can't put their change drawers away, day shift can't get theirs out, and none of the guests using safe deposit boxes can get into them.

Head Engineer and I both dig through all the keys we can find in the safe, nothing looks even vaguely like the one we need. A few have the same company logo, but they don't fit the lock. We finally give up, and he calls our locksmith to see if they have a copy - nope, not any more, last time we had them cut was five years ago. So he's going to take the broken pieces in and hope they can cut new copies from that, when Bossman finally comes in and makes me feel like an idiot because he knows exactly where in the safe the spare masters are - in the same drawer with the master ring for all the individual keys, tucked into a compartment in the back that I'd never noticed was there.

All better now, crisis averted, but now I'm an hour behind with Payroll. Which was the whole point of coming in early in the first effing place. And this kind of "gotta fix it now" crap is what's kept me from getting anything done all week.
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Date:June 15th, 2007 08:21 pm (UTC)

So it's not just government jobs?

I was an account clerk for a city government for about 16 years, and had a boss who used the same sort of crisis management outlook you're describing experiencing at your job. And here I thought it was just government types who did that. You have my empathy!

Star Songs