Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

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work avoidance theater

I feel like shit. I seriously considered calling in last night, when I was up 'til 1am with some intestinal crap. Tummy's better this morning so it was probably something I ate, either last night or more likely at the employee metting yesterday afternoon. Now I'm exhausted, and my head's so full of crud it hurts to move it at all, let alone try to think. Oh, and I'm flipping back & forth between sweating and chills.

I should be finishing up the deposit about now and haven't even gone to pull it yet. Screw bank audits today, I don't have the energy. They're lucky I'm here at all. Sometimes I hate being the *only* one with the combination to the safe. I really wish somebody else could fool with everybody stocking up on change for the weekend.

Which reminds me, I probably should go ahead and send in a change order. This late it won't be back until Tuesday anyway, so maybe I'll just wait until this afternoon when I'll have more big bills to trade in.
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