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sock guidelines

I wonder when I started taking sock patterns as mere guidelines rather than step-by-step directions? I'm halfway through the gusset of the second sock in a pair (Victorian Lace for the Six Sox KAL), after the trial and error of working out sizing issues with the first one.

I needed a knitting fix at work and started a slideshow of the in-progress gallery pics, saw a few that was all finished except closing the short-row toe. Wondered why so many had substituted short row toes, they aren't that common, so I went back to the original pattern. Yep, short-row toes, big as anything. I never even noticed! I know I had the pattern with me when I finished the first toe, I keep checking the chart for the lace pattern at the start of every round, but I'd substituted a wedge toe for the short-rows without realizing I'd done it.

Now that I think about it, I do vaguely remember thinking when I started that I'd probably graft it shut instead of using the recommended three-needle bind-off to avoid a ridge inside the sock that would rub against my toes, so I must have noticed it was there at some point. But by the time I actually got to the first toe I'd blocked it out completely and just used what works for me.

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