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I hate centralized payroll!

Thank you so much, ADP, for making my life miserable. Your "upgrades" over the weekend caused our time clock to stop talking to you. And thanks for that advance notice you didn't give, so we had no clue this was coming, and for scheduling it the same weekend the boss that usually deals with you heads out on vacation so now it's all my problem.

Our clock looks like it's working fine, so everybody's kept right on using it, but nothing's been recorded on the main server since 10am Saturday morning. Corporate talked me through resetting the clock last night, and supposedly when it ran maintenance it would dump the buffer and we'd be back in business. No, of course it didn't, that would be too easy. Now it looks like we'll need to try a full reset - which includes wiping the memory, so all the stored punches will be lost.

So at best, I get to re-enter hours for about 100 employees for three or four days. Assuming the full reset fixes it. There's a chance our clock's too old to be compatible with the new system, in which case we'll have to replace it. And heck knows how long that'll take to get approved, especially with the afore-mentioned boss who orders such things on vacation. Argh!

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