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way too early

Woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, flipped the laptop open to check the time. That was about an hour ago. Since then I've replied to a couple of LJ comments, got a note from Mom that Dad's moved (he'd already told me), ordered a pair of 512 mB SD cards from Woot (couldn't resist two for $9.99, plus they flip open for direct USB access), dropped a note to YarnTalk about a bug in their latest podcast, and talked to gazerwolf about Ravelry, where I should get my invite in the next day or two.

Yes, I have to work today. I'll be going back to bed in a minute, for about an hour or so. I suspect my body's trying to go ahead and flip to a night schedule. knightaudit is out for surgery so I'm going back to Audit for a couple of weeks starting tomorrow night, and keeping up with the payroll half of my day job too. Thursday night/Friday morning will be a very long day indeed, but it couldn't be helped.

When did Woot start taking Paypal, anyway? Now I can order stuff without having to dig out my (or Gazer's) credit card.

Why, yes, I do tend to ramble when I'm trying to keep myself awake. Enough of that, off to bed!

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