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Star Songs

July 26th, 2007

long night @ 09:29 am

Current Mood: sleepy sleepy

Man, it's been forever since I've done this! Okay, just over a year, but still. Went back to Night Audit tonight, for two weeks until knightaudit is back from surgery. Most of it I remembered, a few things I/we faked. The part I can't recall - and which often changed - is which reports get run just before and right after rolling the date, and who gets copies of what.

Knight, could you drop me a cheat sheet?
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Date:July 27th, 2007 03:30 am (UTC)
Knight says:

Just before the system goes down: run dept codes 506-507, daily folder. 500-501, daily folder. 800-902, daily folder. 993-993, for use with the e-daily. 580-581, 3 copies - 1 copy daily folder, 1 copy to central parking, and 1 copy to Bruce. Guests inhouse by room number, stapled to Bruce's copy of the 580-581. Credit cards swiped, daily. Credit cards not swiped, daily. Comp house use report for the e-daily.

After the system is back up: House status report, 1 copy to Rich and 1 copy to the MOD. Credit Limit report for Bruce. Statistics market code report for the e-daily. Shift reports sales, which go to Sales.

Rich and John are the only two people who get hardcopies of the e-daily. Evans should have all these written down somewhere in case I've forgotten anything - they are on a legal pad that he should have at work.

Star Songs