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My project for tonight is to work on Janel, my warrior-priestess in Thomas' D&D game. I finally have enough experience to go up a level - she'll be 8th level overall - but she's multiclass fighter/cleric/Templar so I have to figure out which one to raise this time. Janel's a neutral good follower of Jakariel the Claimer, lord of the underworld, who takes the departed souls to their final destinations and brings back the cleansed souls to become newborn babies. Picture the wrestler Chyna at 17, with armor and a morningstar, trained as a midwife and funeral director.

Tonight's card is from the Cosmic Tribe deck, with the question, "What do I need to focus on while working on Janel?" I got the Magician reversed, an indicator I may not have all the tools I need to do the job. My dice, for instance, are at home, so I know I'll have to roll for hit points later. We're changing D&D versions to 3.5 starting this Saturday, I know some of those changes will affect her as well. Even if I can't finish the job 100% by game time Saturday evening, I should at least be able to get to a playable point by then.
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