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I love knitting, but some projects I hate...

Argh! I'm really beginning to hate this stupid blanket I've been knitting for my youngest niece's upcoming baby. I can't stand crafting out of obligation, so that was the first strike - she was already 5 months pregnant when I found out so I started on a short deadline. Finally found a pattern I liked, didn't have enough yarn in the stash to make it all one color like I'd wanted and couldn't find anything to match it locally, so now it's going to be three or four huge horizontal stripes, and the color changes don't really fit the pattern (in my mind).

It's already debatable whether I can get this darn thing finished before the baby gets here, more likely it'll end up a first Christmas gift. And today, with about two months left to my niece's due date, she found out she's carrying twins. So make that TWO blankets by Christmas! I'll barely have enough yarn to finish this one, heck knows how that second one's gonna get done. I'm beginning to think something in squares, or at least something more portable than one big piece. And it may end up worsted weight instead of baby yarn, because that's what I'll have left.

No way these blankets are going to be identical, whether the twins are or not (she didn't say). I just can't take this darn thing any more!!

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