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just my luck!

Boys start their first day in their new school in the morning. Took a shower tonight, they'll have enough trouble as it is without me hogging the bathroom. When I turned it off, the cold knob snapped off. One of the pieces inside that held it tight to the stem broke. The cold one's been hard to turn for awhile now, I guess it finally had all the pressure it could take.

At least I was done, and it did shut off all the way just before it failed. And the kids had their baths earlier tonight so they're clean & ready to go too.

ETA: Good thing I get insomnia PMS. Just heard the TV in the kids' playroom change channels, caught Middle Son up watching cartoons. It's nearly 1am, we all have a 6am wake-up call. Shoo'ed him back upstairs to lay down. He seemed worried he would sleep too long, I told him Daddy had the alarm clock set and that'll tell him when it's time for everybody to get up. I swear, that boy's nocturnal or half-elf, or both.
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