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Can't focus!

Don't know what the deal is with my brain, but apparently one of the cylinders is mis-firing. I can't stay focused worth shit this afternoon! I keep wandering off on tangents, like where I can get my hands on some orange superwash sock yarn. I even tried placing a small order (enough for one pair) from Knitpicks but the shopping cart wouldn't recognize my login. Their Stash page thinks I'm already logged in, because it shows my name at the top, but when I hit the Checkout button it wants me to log in again and won't get past that login screen. Gah! Probably for the best in the long run, I guess.

Oh well, back to counting. Should've had Sunday's bar count done half an hour ago, folks are starting to look for their charge tips. And some poor shmuck came by looking for a credit card he lost in the bar over the weekend, there weren't any in the upstairs safe when I pulled it this morning - weren't any listed in the MOD log either, I checked earlier today - so I told the guy there weren't any turned in, go check with the front desk. Got a call awhile later from the ass. desk manager that he'd dropped a bunch of cards in the safe when he came in today - apparently well after I'd already pulled the cash. Gah! He knows what time I come in, why on Earth didn't he just bring them down to Accounting?!

Now, where was I? ... Oh, right, FOCUS!!
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