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really bad day

Today started out okay, but this afternoon has quickly gone downhill. Nothing major, just a metric shitload of stupid little annoyances driving me bonkers. One manager not wanting to turn in the required incentive forms that are due the same effing time every two weeks. Last second vacation requests. Employees not understanding that vacation/sick days and holidays do not stack. I don't care how many days you requested, hours worked plus holiday plus vacation cannot go over 40 total!! And if you asked for a day you couldn't get because you had too many hours, then no, you haven't effing lost it, it's still in your benefit pool for next time, gorramit!

At one point I bopped myself on the head a few times with a thick report folder, on purpose, as small physical pain seemed an improvement. I've got a nagging headache centered on my left eyebrow, definitely not conducive to math or multi-tasking. Been plugging away at yesterday's deposit for 2 1/2 hours now, should've only taken 90 minutes or so on a good day. And no, I don't have your effing charge tips ready to pick up yet, stop asking! I really don't give a shit if you need beer money for the weekend. The more you bug me, the longer it takes!

And somebody's apparently running some massive report that's hogging all the bandwidth, streaming radio's more like dripping. Gah!! Makes me wanna rip my hair out.

God damn it, people, leave me alone!! I need to just sit in a park somewhere with a frappuccino and knit.
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