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I hate DreamWeaver 3!

I finally got the latest Tarot Reflections coded and online - took me all freakin' day, from 9am to nearly 6, but I finally got it all straightened out. (That was mostly computer time but not quite, had breaks here & there to feed the kids and load the washer/dryer.) Four articles should NOT take that long!

I couldn't get DreamWeaver to keep the formatting (font size & styles) when I first copied over the files, and had to reformat them - multiple times. Gazer says he's figured out the trick to it - since the originals were formatted in Word 97, use that to save as HTML, then copy & paste from that. DW also had problems updating links correctly when I moved the last issue into the archives, and when I copied old pages (same author, same pic & bio) and moved them into the current folder to make into the new pages.

Anyway, new issues come out the 1st & 15th every month, so I need to knuckle down over the next couple of weeks and practice with it until I get the darn thing figured out. That, or give up and buy a copy of FrontPage. The ATA will pay for it, I just don't know if it's worth all that expense. Or since we're not using Flash or Java or anything that fancy, would an older (cheaper) version be enough?

And the big question, is it easy enough to learn and will it fit our needs? If you've used FrontPage before, I'd really appreciate any comments for or against it.
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