Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

Meditation: day 2

5 minutes, breathing 10-counts (in-one, out-two)

Didn't want to sit down this morning, had to talk myself into it. Woke up with sinus congestion, wanted to watch morning news, didn't feel like fooling with it. Then I remembered a section in the book that everyone wants to give up at some point, just stick with it until it becomes a habit. Read somewhere else a long time ago habits take three weeks or more of daily repetition to sink into the subconscious.

Lost my place mid-count once or twice, drifted past 10 to 12 again a couple of times. More conscious of the physical body this time. Twitch in ankle, twinge of discomfort in the wrist, clogged sinuses. Every time I "noticed" once of these I got distracted from counting and had to start over. The robe definitely helped though, at least I didn't get chilly.
Tags: meditation

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