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Guilt about getting nowhere

After wanting one for more than a year, I finally have an air bike - and I still feel a little guilty about it.

Gazer noticed Friday that the price at our local Wal-Mart had dropped below $80 and tried to talk me into it. Lots of guilt over spending that much on myself. I wouldn't even think twice if he'd picked up an $80 computer gadget, but even when we're doing okay financially, I balk at getting myself a pair of socks, let alone an $80 exercise bike. He kept urging, and I finally agreed to put it in layaway. After still more urging and going over checkbook and bills, we picked it up Saturday afternoon before gaming. Gazer put it together for me after I went to bed.

I did three five-minute runs over the course of the day yesterday, felt a little wobbly when I got up the last time but that went away pretty quickly. Took a few hours' nap after that before work, thought I'd wake up stiff and sore but felt better than I have in a long time.

There's still a little guilt at splurging - probably always will be - but that'll keep me from letting it gather dust, so that's a good thing. The handlebars are mounted stationary now, but after I get used to it they can be flipped around for a rowing-type thing while I'm riding.

Now if I can just keep the boys from resetting the tension on me!
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