July 17th, 2006


Batter up!

Does anyone know where I can get a copy of Alabama's "Cheap Seats"? (The song, not the whole album, though that'd be okay too I guess.)

They're using a baseball theme for an employee rally Thursday afternoon and the HR guy's looking for baseball music, so that's the first one that came to mind. I could also use other baseball songs - mp3's or just recommendations - but "Cheap Seats" is one of my favorites and I'd like to add it to my player anyway.

Jaywalkers - day 28

Just realized it's been over a week since I finished the first Jaywalker sock. Still haven't finished the second one. I pushed pretty steady the first few days, finished the leg & heel and got a few rounds into the foot when I just couldn't stand to look at those SweeTarts/Candy Hearts stripes any more. So I took a break and knit up another pair of toddler socks for CIC-knit's summer sock challenge. I've got maybe a dozen or so pairs I've done over the past few months, to be mailed in by month end.

I tried getting a photo of these little caramel beauties but the color kept washing out, then I couldn't get the Kodak software loaded to transfer the pic from the camera, and when it finally did load it refused to acknowledge the camera was there. No clue whether there's some conflict with Gazer's new wireless headphones' transmitter* or low batteries or me just being too sleepy to figure it out.

In any case, the heck with it, I'm going to bed.

And speaking of Woot, they had Gazer's cool mp3 player on sale again yesterday, and since mine's damaged (the tab that holds the battery cover closed broke off) we ordered one for me. And it uses the same SD card as my old one. So that's a bit of good news.

*Yes, Gazer, it installed on my login too. No biggie, just letting you know I've got it too.

ETA: Apparently I lied to myself about the bed thing. It's been an hour and I'm still here in LJ-land, too "down" to sleep, and I've gotta get up in just over five hours. Not sure how to describe it, not quite depressed but deep into "heavy sigh" territory. Wait a sec ... *checks calendar* Yep, it'll be a month Wednesday. Welcome to the hormone-induced insomnia I call PMS. I'd give it a couple of days, end of the week at most.