February 18th, 2007


Throw me some beads!

According to the news Mardi Gras is this weekend, not last one as I'd thought, so I actually did get my Mardi Gras Zigzag socks for SocknittersSAM finished in time after all.

I took a bunch of pics, with and without flash, and this one was the best of the lot. It's in focus and the color's really accurate, though I wish the zigzag lace showed up more. Got the yarn in a swap, no label so I have no clue what brand or colorway it actually is. Feels like Opal, a little softer than Knitpicks Essential and not as splitty.

I started out on US 2 dpns with 80 sts at the cuff for the 2x2 ribbing, then decreased 2 sts down to 78 for the leg (13 pattern repeats). The leg has 4 1/2 zigzags, changing down to US 1 dpns after the first 2. I stopped the last rnd half a repeat early and worked the heel flap on 42 sts, leaving 5 repeats and a 3-stitch stockinette border on either side across the instep. I did another 4 1/2 pattern repeats down the foot, and extended the gussets a little down to 72 total sts around.

ETA: I just realized these socks ended the same way they began, a post-gaming knitting marathon.

ETA2: Yes, I know the stripes don't match up, and I'm okay with that. I just started sock #2 (on the right) where #1 left off rather than waste yarn trying to match up the color repeats. I also had no idea how much yarn I'd have left over so I played it cautious. Turns out I could get a third sock out of the remaining ball if I made the leg about half as long as these.
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