July 11th, 2007


happy old dog

One of the things I enjoy most about knitting is that there's always something new to learn, even after 20-odd years. This morning, working on a baby blanket for a niece due in a couple of months, I realized I'd missed crossing a cable a couple of rows back.

A couple of years ago I would have had two choices: sigh and leave the mistake in there, hoping nobody else notices; or frog the whole thing back to that point, pull out the cable needle, cross it properly and proceed from there.

I chose option three: drop the six stitches in the cable, unravel just those stitches back the two rows, change the order I pick the stitches back up in to cross the cable, then knit the now-crossed cable back up.

I don't particularly like cabling without a cable needle, but knowing how to do it does have its advantages.
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note to self

Leaving the laptop in the bedroom brings "work avoidance theater" to a new low - I should have been dressed by now, instead of typing up journal entries. This kind of distraction is exactly what keeps me from getting as much done at work as I should.

Stop seducing me, Internet! *shakes fist*
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my one_happiness

Happiness is a cool breeze on a hot, humid morning.

I'm extremely touch-oriented. They say some people learn best by seeing and reading, some by hearing and listening. I'm hands-on - I love the feel of things. Cool breezes. Soft fuzzy blankets. Yarn running through my fingers as I wind it into balls. Rough finish on a hard metal safe. Cold concrete floor on bare feet, feeling the slight dips and cracks. Hugs from family and friends.

Grounding, connecting with the physical world. This is what I've been missing.
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work avoidance theater

Of course, since today seems to be LJ-Day, I had to throw in a meme...

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Queen of Pentacles

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This time last year I had only been doing payroll for a couple of months, and had no clue how much I didn't know. I've learned a lot of little things about my job since then; the biggest one is that it's all in the details. Fifty cents or a dollar an hour error may not seem like much on its own, but multiply it by two weeks' work and suddenly someone can't make their rent.

Now that Corporate's finally finished processing the annual pay raises, I made a point of getting a master list from Personnel to verify that they'd all been entered correctly in our time clock program. Old auditor instincts came in handy there, there were one or two glitches, HR is sending corrections in the morning. It's a six-week process, a few folks have changed jobs since then and it calculated on their old rates instead of current ones.

I also knew I had to wait until that process finished before I could enter any benefits (holiday pay, vacation and sick days) or they would go in at the wrong rates. Made that mistake last year, and had to re-enter everyone's Fourth of July hours. I'm still buried in vacation requests to be entered, but at least I'm avoiding doing them twice.

There are some OEMs (overtime eligible managers) hourly instead of salaried, who are required to work a set amount of overtime every week. I have a spreadsheet to calculate their benefit rates, and this year I realized changing their base pay will change that as well. I've asked HR to verify who's getting how many minimum hours, in case any of them have changed.

Yep, all in the details. Some worry about losing sight of the forest for the trees; I remind them of the leaves, and bark, and roots, and that little flower half-hidden in the grass. Call me Lorax.
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