July 12th, 2007

d20 shit

failed skill check

Dammit, I have got to stay focused today!

We have a few lockable bank bags for the deposits, and bigger plastic disposable ones to use when the nylon ones are all out or we've got multiple deposits (Mondays). I had the plastic filled out and sealed, ready to pick up, when I noticed the deposit slip was still on my desk. Crap!

Only way to get a sealed plastic bag open is to cut it, so that one gets tossed and I start over with another bag. Everything's in there this time, good, seal it and put it in the safe until the truck comes to pick it up.

Except since I changed bags the serial number changed, so I have to void the claim slip for the truck and fill out a new one.

So much for taking a long lunch and going over to Starbucks for a frappuccino, too late now, won't have time before the truck gets here. No yummy fix for me, I guess caffeine tabs will have to do. Too much crap to get done this afternoon, stupid slow hotel and everybody wants to go on vacation around the 4th. At least I finished entering holiday hours last night before I left.

*grumble* I'll bet it's stupid deli day for lunch again and all the good stuff will be gone by the time I get there. Same crap every Thursday, restaurant's doing pasta bar so kitchen's too busy to cook anything for the employees.
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