July 19th, 2007


payroll update

Still hate ADP for screwing things over without giving anyone a heads-up that it might happen. First reset didn't work, called Dallas next morning but got no call back all day. Dallas called me yesterday morning, said not only were we offline, he couldn't even ping the machine any more. So we tried the same reset again that we'd done two days earlier - and lo and behold, not only did it go back online, it started dumping all the buffered data from the downtime. It's running fine now, and near as we can tell, it's like it never went down. Except for the few days' panic and aggravation part, but that's over now.

Too bad they cancelled today's company picnic though, I had planned on going for once. They posted signs yesterday afternoon that it was called for weather, predicted 70% chance of storms this afternoon. That went up to 90% this morning, and it was *really* windy walking downtown coming in. Even if it doesn't rain, the Bounce House would blow away. I hope it holds off until I get home, or it comes early and it's done by then. So windy, umbrella wouldn't help, and besides I forgot to pack it this morning.
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Now, if I could just get the department heads to turn in payroll changes *on time*. Employees have to fill out request forms for vacation / sick pay, which have to be approved by their manager and then turned in to me to be entered.

I got one this morning, fortunately for days off next week, that the employee signed back in April. Judging by the number of holes in the top, it's been hung & re-hung on their bulletin board at least a dozen times in the past three months. Her manager just signed off on it yesterday.

Another one the same manager signed yesterday and left in our mailbox last night was for a vacation day on the 8th. That boat's already sailed, folks, that payroll cycle was submitted to Corporate last Friday. The checks are already here waiting for me to sort out & distribute. I hate that her check's going to be short, and she'll likely blame me, but there's nothing I can do now to fix it.
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how sad!

Drive, the show Fox dumped after only 4 episodes aired, then jerked fans around saying they'd show the other two and not doing it, has been nominated for an Emmy.

Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Miniseries, Movie Or A Special

So if it gets canceled before its time, it becomes a miniseries?

They did have one of the best opening title sequences ever, apparently swooping in and out of cars to zoom in on each character. They even changed it as teams switched partners, which was a nice touch. Probably a lot of green screen too, some of those moves were crazy even for a ton of stunt drivers, and I doubt they filmed in all those locations - too expensive.

Too bad we'll never find out who won, or if Alex ever got his wife back.