Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

Ohh shiny!

I don't know what it is about this amber pendant that intrigues me. This Browncoat / Independents Triangle charm is lovely too, but there's something about semi-precious stones that draws me.

I definitely prefer silver over gold, and I always wear some kind of pendant on a silver chain. I've got a collection of stones & pendants - a couple of wrapped stones, some points I got from a Secret Santa a couple of years ago, a moonstone teardrop (the one I'm wearing now) from running into a jewelry crafter at a Halloween party, a sodalite disk with a silver pentacle that was my first Mother's Day gift, a set of stone chip stitch markers.

Some day I'd like to find a pair of double-pierced earrings, little silver chains with posts on both ends, that I could wear alone or hang lightweight charms on. One post on each side was fixed, the other had a little ring that slid onto the post so you could remove it to add a charm or just let it hang down straight without the other post. That's the reason I pierced my ears the second time, I saw similar earrings at a county fair and wanted to be able to wear them. Unfortunately that dealer wasn't at the fair the next year, and I haven't found anything like them since.
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