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Is this the end of Work Avoidance Theater?

The secret to happiness at work is in my icon.

Not sure what happened, but I woke up yesterday with an "I don't give a fuck" attitude that lasted all day. My usual thought pattern is one of procrastination - I'll put things off as long as possible, then scramble to get everything done.

Yesterday I did whatever I felt like - took a break any time I felt like it - and didn't care when or if anything got done. No "Crap, I'm late!" scramble out the door, it was "Eh, I'll just catch the next bus, whatever."

I usually feel overwhelmed at work, like there's way too much to do and not enough time. I get online to get away from the stress, then I feel guilty because I'm farting around online instead of working.

Yesterday I just didn't give a fuck about any of it, no guilt and no stress. If I wanted to walk around yakking with co-workers I did. Felt like knitting, I did - left a ball of yarn on my desk, knocked out a row here or there, then put it down and went on to the next task.

Finish a task or two, take a little break, do another thing, chat a bit. Frequent small breaks let me relax and have fun, when I worked I focused on the task at hand without guilt or stress. At the end of the day I looked back and, much to my surprise, I'd accomplished more in a single day than I'd thought possible and really enjoyed myself doing it.

So this cat holds the secret to a great job - Invisible Give-a-Damn.

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