Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

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Knock it off!

Dear collection agency:

Your automated system has called me four times this morning with a 'special message' for David. I've only had this cell phone a week now, it was my nephew's before that. I have no clue who David is; I'm not David, my nephew isn't David, there's no one in my whole family named David. You obviously have the wrong number.

Take my cell the frak out of your system and stop wasting my minutes!!

P.S. Apparently my nephew had managed to get his voice mail set up with all the menus in Spanish, so I couldn't tell how to delete messages or how to reset it back to English. I spent awhile on a landline call with tech support and they walked me through resetting the factory defaults so I could set it back up in English. But since I've got this primarily for emergency outgoing calls, I really don't need voicemail (especially from stupid bill collecting 'bots with wrong numbers) so I'm not going to bother turning it back on.
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