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Star Songs

November 24th, 2007

Xmas is here! @ 01:51 pm

Black Friday only means one thing around here, and it's not shopping. Time to decorate for Christmas! While I was at work yesterday, gazerwolf and the boys dug out the holiday cheer. The boys decorated the tree, Mr. & Mrs. Claus ceramics are in the front window, Advent Calendar hanging by the door. Gazer found a red velvet cape with white trim left from our home's previous owners, and used it to turn his mom's busted monster TV into a holiday mantel.

For me, the best part of holiday decorating is that I get to enjoy it without having to do any of the work. I even got a bit of an Extreme Home Makeover surprise, when the bus pulled away it revealed a huge inflatable Christmas carousel in our front yard! Last Christmas we were in the early stages of the Great Mortgage Hunt, so we picked up the carousel for around $30 in the post-holiday clearance sales. Got our tree the same way a few years back. You can get some huge bargains on holiday decorations, folks, if you're willing to wait and buy ahead for next year.
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Date:November 24th, 2007 07:15 pm (UTC)
I love our inflatable carousel...wish I could figure out how to unfog it...the instructions and the website FAQ say that you increase the ventilation so the temperature equalizes...but that doesn't appear to be working...and it was frosted this morning.

I found a forum of collectors hoping they have some ideas...but I have to wait till my membership is approved before I can read it.

Date:November 26th, 2007 02:30 pm (UTC)
I love love love Christmas. I love the decorations, I love the together time. I love the way it inspires people. This year our tree is only 4 feet tall because we lack space in our wonderful apartment, this doesnt mean that Santa won't come, nor does it mean that we dont have any spirit. It just means that Skye can reach to decorate the tree by herself this year and I don't have to pick her up. I'm stoked, I put the lights on it and she's going to decorate it when she comes home from school in about an hour.
I live with a giant bah humbug, but that could be because Christmas wasnt special while he was growing up, this is the second Xmas I have spent with him, he's softening a bit, he asked for a wreath (I make them) a specific wreath with certain colours and decorations for beside his desk!

Star Songs