Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

Xmas is here!

Black Friday only means one thing around here, and it's not shopping. Time to decorate for Christmas! While I was at work yesterday, gazerwolf and the boys dug out the holiday cheer. The boys decorated the tree, Mr. & Mrs. Claus ceramics are in the front window, Advent Calendar hanging by the door. Gazer found a red velvet cape with white trim left from our home's previous owners, and used it to turn his mom's busted monster TV into a holiday mantel.

For me, the best part of holiday decorating is that I get to enjoy it without having to do any of the work. I even got a bit of an Extreme Home Makeover surprise, when the bus pulled away it revealed a huge inflatable Christmas carousel in our front yard! Last Christmas we were in the early stages of the Great Mortgage Hunt, so we picked up the carousel for around $30 in the post-holiday clearance sales. Got our tree the same way a few years back. You can get some huge bargains on holiday decorations, folks, if you're willing to wait and buy ahead for next year.
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