Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

long afternoon

Work went pretty well this morning, even though I did get a late start. I was on top of things, finished Friday's deposit and was nearly done with Saturday's. Then it all went to Hell.

When I tried to save Saturday's cash spreadsheet it refused. It's happened once or twice before, no biggie, it's a networked drive so sometimes it's busy. Try again in a few minutes and it'll work. Nope, not today.

So I save a backup copy to my desktop and try to print - and it can't find the printer, which is also networked. Crap, I've apparently dropped my network connection entirely. Happens once in awhile, reboot and it'll reconnect.

A couple of reboots and a hard restart later, still no network. So I start checking around, nobody else can get to it either. Boss goes to check and it's locked up, which explains a lot.

So he hard-boots the Network server. It says it can't mount SYS but looks likes it's trying anyway, but the terminals still aren't getting anything. Hard boot again, another error besides no SYS mount - something about the mirrored partitions not matching.

This can't be good. We still have Internet access, but the M drive appears to be dead. Hopefully knightaudit will have some clue how to fix it, or if it can be fixed. Otherwise, according to our support company, Boss will have to physically take the server in so they can copy the data to a replacement drive. Assuming they even make drives that'll fit this ancient piece of gose.

I've got a workaround to print my spreadsheets, I've been uploading them to my Yahoo briefcase and then printing them from the one station we have that's directly connected to a printer. Knight, I hope you've got backups of the audit spreadsheets somewhere you can get to tonight.

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