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not again!

Remember those mystery payments through Paypal back on the 17th? Apparently there was one more transaction that night, that's just hit my bank account today. Someone went to my Paypal Mastercard website (which is linked to from Paypal) and told them I wanted to pay off my credit card's full $326+ balance - by transferring it directly from my checking account. I can't tell for sure but it looks like it's still a pending/hold transaction on my bank's end, the date's today and there's no transaction type listed. (It usually says ACH Withdrawl or POS-Visa or whatever was used once it clears.)

Fortunately, the check we wrote yesterday to buy the van hasn't shown up yet, and my paycheck gets direct deposited around 4am so we shouldn't be bouncing anything - yet. The Paypal card people - who are different from the regular Paypal account people - say that since the payment was authorized through my own login on their website, there's nothing they can do about getting me the money back now. They noted that I hadn't authorized the payment, and if it does clear our bank she said they can mail us a check for it. But that takes time, and doesn't help with Christmas or the bills that are due at the first of the month. Unless I charge them to that card, but then I'd have to pay interest on it again.

I'll check our bank site in the morning, if it's still there I'll call or stop by to see what I can do about this mess.

Five years of Paypal on Gazer's business account, not a problem. Had our own account longer than that. Then, boom, it all f'ks up at once.

Merry f'ing Christmas.
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