Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

post-holiday questions

Christmas went well for the boys yesterday. The youngest went back and forth all day between his AquaDoodle set and a box of Legos, while the older two played together on the middle one's Lego Star Wars video game. I was surprised that our oldest, turning 11 next week, seemed the most excited that Santa had visited Christmas eve. I hope he keeps believing right along with his younger brothers, but I fear he won't for much longer and hope that when he does catch on he won't spoil it for them.

How did you finally figure out the whole "Santa" hoax? What tipped you off, and how old were you?

The giveaway for me was that Santa had Mom's handwriting. He never used the same wrapping paper she did, but I spotted Santa's paper in her closet one spring and that confirmed my suspicions. I was ten or eleven. I tried not to let on that I knew for a few years after that, not so much to keep from spoiling it for my kid brother as that I thought I'd get more stuff that way.
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