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Star Songs

March 3rd, 2004

Not what I expected @ 05:37 am

Current Mood: anxious anxious

You are totally normal! I'm impressed...you weren't
traumatized by imagination when you were small.
Good for you. Hope your normal in all other
aspects of life aswell....hmmmmmm.

What childhood monster traumatized you?
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I actually was somewhat traumatized as a kid, though I've outgrown a lot of it. I remember taking little green capsules my mom called "nerve pills" so I wouldn't be so nervous and worried all the time. Some kind of tranquilizers, I suppose, or maybe they were just placebos. My parents divorced when I was seven, so I had quite a few abandonment issues. When I was alone in my room at night, I'd "call" my favorite doll (who stayed at daddy's house) on an invisible communicator watch, make sure she was okay and sing her to sleep. Puberty was filled with nightmares of being trapped in a house fire, or the only survivor of a nuclear war watching everybody else die around me.
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Star Songs