Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

Damn you, Woot!

For those of you unfamiliar with, their motto is "One item, one day." They sell a limited quantity of a single item, for one day or until it's sold out. Most of the time it sells out before the day's over. gazerwolf and I got our Zune 30's this way; Woot sold them at deep discounts a few weeks before the 2nd gen Zunes came out last fall.

Every so often Woot cleans out their warehouse with a Woot-Off. They still only sell one item at a time, but as soon as it sells out it's replaced with another item. Woot also does occasional grab bag sales, their Bag o' Crap, where you can get anything from a camera bag to a slingshot monkey to a Wii. (Seriously. They did the BoC sale a couple of days before the Wii was released, and two of the 'bags' sent out that day included the new consoles.)

Woot traditionally includes a Bag o' Crap sale at least once in every Woot-off, and those usually sell out in only a few seconds. Site fans will keep refreshing all day, hoping to snag a Bag. They did a Woot-off last weekend, and much to everyone's surprise, there was no Bag sale. So today for April Fool's Day, they've got a fake Woot-Off - every time the item sells out, it's replaced with another batch of the same item with a slightly different description.

Except for once, which was the Bag o' Crap everyone had been waiting for last weekend.

Sneaky. Now I can't help but wonder if they'll throw in another Bag sale later in the day, buried under piles of battery chargers.
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