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Star Songs

March 3rd, 2004

Now for something a little more current @ 05:48 am

Current Mood: accomplished accomplished
Current Music: I'm the Tax Man (who sings that?)

Finally renewed my insurance benefits for work yesterday, before Friday's deadline. Decided to add vision coverage, so at some point after April 1st Gazer and I can get new glasses if we need 'em.

Also got our taxes done and e-filed - that took most of the day. I had 'em finished in a couple of hours, then realized I'd missed an income form. It looked like an empty envelope, but it unfolded and there was stuff printed inside from where Gazer'd cashed out the pension from his old job last spring. Took another hour to re-do the forms, it made a couple of changes but didn't affect the bottom line.

I found some sites through the IRS that offered free e-filing for lower incomes, so I started on that. The first one didn't support e-file for Kentucky, but the second try did. Turns out all they want is for you to enter the figures off the W-2, 1099, etc. and it does all the math and puts them in the right places for you. Good thing, because apparently I'd missed something somewhere and it ended up a couple of hundred better than my numbers had been.

We still have to send back in the signature form once the returns have been accepted by the IRS & KY, but with any luck (and now that both our student loans are in repayments) we'll be getting a nice direct deposit in a couple of weeks.

And now I know, next year I won't have to do all the math myself, just punch in the numbers.
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Star Songs