Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

fix for 2.5 podcast sync problems

After the 2.5 upgrade I had a lot of sync problems with podcasts on my Zune 30, duplicate episodes for some shows and a lot of video podcasts refusing to sync at all. When I checked my collection in the Marketplace the missing shows had the little Zune icon next to them so it thought they were already synced, but they weren't showing up on the device.

Here's how I finally fixed these problems.
1. With the device unplugged, go to your Collection, right-click on each show with problems and tell it to Never Sync that show.
2. Plug in your Zune, let it finish sync to remove these shows from the device.
3. Unplug again, go back to your collection, right-click and Sync With device on each show.
4. Plug the Zune back in and let it re-sync, correctly this time.
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