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Star Songs

May 20th, 2008

no good deed goes unpunished @ 10:46 am

Current Mood: working working

That's what I get for trying to help. Went to the restroom, heard the locker room shower dripping & reached in to turn it off. Turned it on instead and got my right side splattered for it. Stupid one-knob shower! Took a closer look once I got it (mostly) turned off again, "off" is at 3 o'clock and full pressure at 9, turn counter-clockwise for hot & clockwise for cold. Drain was clogged too, it was the drips splashing that I'd heard. Called it in to Engineering, let them figure the darn thing out.

On the up side, got a smile on the bus ride to work this morning. College-age girl riding a motorcycle pulled up next to us at a stop light, I swear her helmet looked like a Pink Power Ranger mask. Go go Power Cycle!
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Star Songs