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Star Songs

June 4th, 2008

one_happiness @ 09:57 am

Current Mood: content content

Happiness is a cool breeze.

Quite an emotional change for me this morning. I slept better than usual, straight through instead of waking up several times through the night. I went to bed around the same time, but once I was out I was out cold.

Rather than my usual, down & slight dread heading to work, I've been in a pretty good mood. The breeze felt spiritual in a way, drawing me to stop, close my eyes and just *feel* it. Grounding, connecting to Mother Gaia - that's what I've been missing lately. Plenty of trees along my path downtown but they've been blending in with the concrete and glass, chances I'd been missing to feel like part of the World. Weird, I could feel them growing, calling me to notice them, to touch them.

ETA: They rewarded us today for six months accident-free - lunch was steak & baked potatoes out on the patio. More wind to enjoy, and sunlight! ^-^
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Star Songs