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Star Songs

June 10th, 2008

work avoidance theater @ 12:52 pm

Current Mood: drained drained

Having another bad day at work, not as stressed as yesterday but still very down, more a "screw it" kinda day. A lot of things need doing, but can't get up the motivation to bother with any of them. The word of the day is 'Procrastination'. Spent a lot of time in Ravelry, joined the Random Cuteness group (their version of Cute Overload) and spent a very long time looking at photos of young mammals both two and four-footed. Nearly 1pm, pulled the safe from upstairs but haven't counted any of it yet. Gonna grab a plate of whatever's for lunch, bring it back & get to work. I can usually focus better if I'm nibbling.

I should probably get more sleep. I usually end up going to bed a lot later than I probably should, because I need the knitting time to unwind & relax, but then I'm out of it the next day and running on caffeine. Not good, but once I get started it's a hard cycle to break.
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Star Songs