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Can't believe I ran out of effing quarters! And I'm down to a couple hundred in ones. I sent a big change order in Friday but it won't be back until tomorrow afternoon, didn't expect to run out of quarters before then. *sigh* We had a statewide firefighters convention in-house over the weekend, apparently it was a cash-heavy group so everyone's low on change.

Doesn't help any that I can't focus worth shit. Brain's fuzzy, hard to think, and my eyes have been itching like hell since last night. Same crap as last week for the most part, though the dry/itchy eyes are new. Got plenty of sleep over the weekend but it didn't help.

ETAI still needed to vent, so I posted this over at hotel_workers:

Attention all cashiers:

No, you can't have any quarters. I ran out. Yes, you heard me right, I effing ran out of quarters! I've got a change order coming in tomorrow afternoon, you'll just have to deal with it until then. If you hadn't spent all weekend giving a hotel full of volunteer firemen change for the vending machines and their cheap-ass tips, you'd still have quarters left. You've got dimes and nickels, use those in the meantime! Standing here whining about it isn't going to help, if you're that desperate you can walk you butt across the street to the bank and ask them.

PS I'm not saying all firemen are cheap, but this group left that impression behind.
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