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Star Songs

June 23rd, 2008

Sunuvabitch! @ 03:59 pm

Current Mood: disappointed disappointed

Subscribed to a bunch of new knitting podcasts over the weekend, mostly so-so but one I'm really liking is Y-Knit. Great sound quality, even better sense of humor, both are must-haves for me to enjoy a show. Halfway through their interview with Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and my battery just died, dammit! That's what I get for watching a bunch of news podcasts back to back, video really eats up the charge.

Those are the two changes I'd really like to see Zune add to future updates. An audible Low Battery warning (the current one is visual, only works if you're watching videos) and Audible.com (.aa) format. I've got two of their George Carlin audiobooks that I'd love to listen to again.

Note to self: It may be time to consider an external battery pack. Or an extra charging cable to leave at work.
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Star Songs