Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

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Eulch. Don't know if I've caught some bug or just run down, but I've been feeling like crap for a couple of days now. Youngest Son kept asking this morning if I was going to stay home today, and he kept trying to cheer me up with hugs and silly jokes. (Apparently any riddle can be answered with "Chicken Butt!")

Counting a stack of cashier drops, I could've sworn I heard an evil laugh and thunder off in the distance. Made the mistake of mentioning it, coworker teased me about whatever meds I'd taken getting me high. Nope, as Bender would say, "I'm blind stinkin' sober!"

Seriously, though, I should probably be home in bed. Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll have chicken soup in the cafeteria. Doubt it though, Wednesday's usually stir fry.
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