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Star Songs

July 14th, 2008

Booster seats @ 12:28 am

Current Mood: sleepy sleepy

If you're in Kentucky and have kids, or know a Kentucky parent, listen up - starting Tuesday July 15th all kids under 7 years old and between 40-50" tall have to ride in booster seats. Just heard it on the news tonight, good thing I was paying attention. Gazer's running out to Walmart in the morning to get a booster for littlebit, our middle son's in the height range by a couple of inches so we may need to start carrying his birth certificate in the car. "No, Officer, he's eight, see?"

At least we're in a position now where we can afford to run out and get a booster seat on short notice, a year or two ago we would've been totally screwed. Weird, when the economy was decent we were always broke; thanks to those hard lessons, now that the general economy's down our personal finances are doing a lot better.

And now, off to bed. Maybe I shouldn't have had that frappuccino so late in the afternoon...
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Star Songs