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Star Songs

September 18th, 2008

work avoidance theater @ 01:09 pm

Current Mood: tired tired

I really, really don't want to be working right now. I've got a bunch of stuff I should be doing, mostly payroll junk like processing vacation requests and bus/parking pass deductions. Or even finishing yesterday's deposit. But I just don't want any part of it. Can't focus worth shit. I'd rather catch up on LJ - haven't been on all week - or knit, or browse Ravelry's forums, or play with the shiny new features from Zune's 3.0 firmware updates this week. They've finally got Audible.com support so I can listen to my two George Carlin audio books again. And Hexic's an interesting little puzzle game, harder than it looks. They actually read & answered a question I sent in on the last Zune Insider podcast (#6) - yes, gazerwolf and I could share one ZunePass - they're good on up to three computers and three Zunes, so we could set up our own Channels and not have to buy two Passes. They've got a free 14-day trial that came with the 3.0 update, might be worth checking in to.

Crap, more distractions. Gotta log off and get back to work!
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Star Songs