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Star Songs

March 17th, 2004

(no subject) @ 07:55 pm

Current Mood: tired tired
Current Music: Survivor theme

The site for this quiz is down, so I copied the questions from rosepurr.

What comes to mind when you hear..
..snow?: cold
..rain?: yuck
..tornado?: Xenia [Ohio, April 1974]
..summer love?: Grease
..Jon?: Garfield
..Mike?: Sue
..Shea?: stadium
..banana?: split
..dizzy?: fall
..Laura?: Ted
..Juan?: Carlos
..car?: truck
..white?: wedding
..peppermint?: spearmint
..New Found Glory?: hero
..placebo?: sugar
..orange juice?: breakfast
..candid camera?: sneaky
..sister?: sigh
..brother?: Jack
..hate?: love
..school?: Transy
..President?: Bush
..football?: soccer
..rap?: ugh
..pop?: balloon
..rock?: stone
..punk?: bully
..sex?: dirty
..death?: change
..baby?: Ben
..duuude?: ranch
..the end?: over
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Star Songs