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rough morning

It’s been a rough morning. On the way to work we got run off the road by a big red utility truck. We were in the curb lane when the truck next to us decided he wanted to be in the curb lane and moved over without looking. gazerwolf managed to get us up over the curb without getting hit or running into a pole, the truck just kept on going, no clue we were ever there. No injuries though, just a flat tire and some cosmetic damage to the car. That’s when we found out our spare didn’t fit, we bought the car used and never thought to try it until we needed it. So we hiked a half-mile or so with the tire to a repair shop we’d passed, they had a used tire in stock that fit so they made sure the rim wasn’t bent and put the tire on us and we’re back on our way.

We tried to file a police report but they said since the truck didn’t make contact and it wasn’t intentional (road rage) there wasn’t anything they could do about it. On the positive side it just cost us $27.50 for the tire, and some time and a hike to get it, and the weather was good (sunny, clear & around 40F). And the kids were safe at home with Granny.
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