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Hopefully someone out there has a green thumb. I have two plants in my office, a bamboo and a miniature Christmas tree. (No clue if it's spruce or fir or pine, some kind of evergreen.) The bamboo's really easy to care for, I fill the pot with water every Friday afternoon and leave the flourescent light on over the weekend. If I'm gone a week, just water it when I leave and again when I get back, no big deal.

The Christmas tree, on the other hand, isn't doing so well. I've only had it a few weeks, rescued from Banquets after its duty as a holiday centerpiece ended. It looked okay before I went on vacation last week, and the boss promised to water it a few times while I was gone, but apparently he forgot. The tips of the branches were all drooping when I got back and the needles were dry and prickly instead of soft. They're not falling out, but it feels like a cactus.

Anyway, I've been watering it every day and it's not as prickly, but the branches are all still really droopy. Think Charlie Brown's tree. If I prune off the drooping tips, would the remaining branches recover and start growing again, or would pruning kill it outright?

Poll #1335598 To Prune or Not To Prune

Should I prune the Charlie Brown tree?

Yes, cut off the dead branch tips.
No, just keep watering, it'll perk back up.
Trash it, it's hopeless.
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