Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

good news/bad news

Good News: We've weathered the Great Ice Storm of '09 fairly well. The power flickered a few times but stayed on.

Bad News: My mother-in-law's power failed, so she's been staying with us again the last couple of days.

Good News: I had over 100 hours' vacation time to burn before February 5th. I've been off since Tuesday (the day it started) and go back next Thursday the 4th.

Bad News: The kids have been out of school all week. (Okay, that's more so-so news.)

Bad News: The ice was not kind to the big old tree on our property line. A lot of large limbs snapped, apparently crushing a good portion of our fence under it.

Good News: It wasn't near the house or power lines, and the garage it would have smashed was already demolished by the same tree in our last ice storm back in '03.
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