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I must be f'ing nuts!

I've been working for Parsimonious for a while now, making wallpaper, flooring & rugs for the Sims and helping beta test new objects before they're released on-site. Not work exactly, it's all volunteer stuff, and just in my spare time. But now I've gone and volunteered my services as an assistant webmaster. (That's the nuts part, folks.)

It'll probably only be a couple of hours every two weeks, adding meshes to the skins files & coding the new web pages for them. (Graphics are provided by the skins' creators.) If I get walls & floors it'll be more involved, since we average around 300 new items per update on those. They have a program to generate base graphics from the wall/floor files, but they may need to be cropped or resized, and each one gets a drop shadow added before going on the web. (That would be the time consuming part.)

Anyway, we'll see how it works out.

On a totally different topic, got my Quest tarot deck in yesterday. Way cool! Tried charging it by popping the voicebox out of my favorite teddy bear and stuffing the deck inside a few hours. Had a heck of a time sleeping with her though, kept waking back up a lot. Don't know if one's related to the other, but it might be.

And after another topic change - the boys' Sweet 16 is in town, about a block from work. And Thursday is Pasta Bar day for the hotel restaurant, all you can eat (drink included) for $7.45. Thursday lunch is always busy, but with all the ruckus downtown I wouldn't be surprised if they get a record volume today. A lot more people downtown than usual, but a lot of the Pasta regulars drive in from out of town, so they may avoid it this week because parking's even tighter than usual. Bleh.
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