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ISO lost tablecloth pattern

I started a crochet thread tablecloth when my first son was born (he’s 12 now), but eventually I got bored and put it aside. Now I’ve found it again but I’ve lost the pattern. I remember an 8 1/2 x 11 booklet, Leisure Arts or something similar. Not sure if there was more than this one pattern in there or not. I bought it in late 1996 or early 1997.

It looks like #10 mercerized crochet cotton, I’m using black but I think it was white or cream in the booklet. There’s a row counter attached and a #8 steel hook (1.5mm) tucked in it. There’s a pinwheel motif in the middle and a couple rows of pineapples around the outside. I stopped in the middle of round 80, which is sc 3 in dc’s in round below, ch 13. The portion I’ve got done is probably four feet across, I think it was supposed to be 5’ or 6’ diameter when finished.

If by some miracle someone can identify this pattern (or maybe even has it!) please let me know. I’d love to finish it!
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