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Harbingers of Spring

It's confirmed, folks, spring is finally here - I've seen the signs. I spotted a pair of robins hopping around our front yard this morning while I was waiting for the bus. One was definitely male with a bright red chest, the other was more brown but still reddish. But in this part of the country at least, once the robins come back spring isn't far behind them.

Now, if the electricians would just get done with whatever they're doing in the ceiling next to my office and go away, I'd be a lot happier. They're replacing a major conduit or junction or something, I heard one say they'll have to shut down all four guest elevators and half the rooms so they can plug the thing into the system. They're scrambling to finish before the statewide boys' Sweet 16 tournament starts in a day or two, when we'll be packed for the first time in months. Heaven forbid they could have done this crap last month while I was on vacation and the hotel was dead. I'm just tired of tripping over them, telling them to move the ladders so I can get through, and they're causing no end of static & interference in the Zune speakers on my desk.

Oh yeah, and at some point, I've got corporate and sales taxes to do. Gonna be a long week. But at least the robins are back.
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