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I'm dead on my feet (or butt) tired. Payroll was a nightmare, we've been slow (except the past few days) so lots of folks used vacation time to fill out short paychecks. Banquets is closed - they've gutted the ballrooms for remodeling - so their staff's been filling in all over the hotel. Every time someone works outside their default job it has to be hand-coded so that took awhile. And now we're in the middle of Sweet 16, Kentucky's high school boys' basketball tournament, playing a block from the hotel. So we've got new hires this week in Housekeeping that had to get put in the system, the outlets have been slammed, and nearly all transactions this weekend are in cash. Yesterday's deposits are piled up on the desk waiting for me to dig into them. I'm afraid what I'll find come Monday.

Awards ceremony at Jacob's school last night, he got a certificate for high marks on the state-mandated proficiency tests last year (5th grade). He also played his clarinet with the school band, sounded really good considering how long he's been playing. I was in chorus and remember how hurt I was that Mom refused to go to any of my concerts - my senior year she finally admitted she thought I'd be lousy and embarrass her - so we made a point to be there supporting Jake. I was really disappointed by most of the parents in the audience (the few that showed up); there was a constant chatter of conversations and people going up and down the bleachers that made it really hard to hear the names being read for the various awards. These kids and their teachers all worked really hard, they deserve a lot more respect than they got.

Anyway. This cash isn't going to count itself, so I'd better get to it. I'll be glad to head home for the Battlestar: Galactica finale when this day's finally over.
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