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Spent most of the afternoon catching up on phone messages, yay. Most were pretty normal requests for receipt copies from this past weekend, but a few make me want to start handing out signs.*

Guy had a Priceline room in February, says he was double billed. (Paid them and us both.) Charge from our end was for incidentals, a $70+ room service ticket the day he checked out. Seemed like a lot of breakfast for one guy so I pulled the RS ticket - it was dinner for 5, not breakfast, charged to the room at 11pm. Guy's receipt says he checked out at 1pm that day. I still have no clue how they managed to bill him for somebody else's room service that night.

One of our condo owners complained about a credit card charge March 1st, says they were in Florida at the time. Condo folks have standing accounts that get billed at the end of every month for that month's incidentals, been that way for close to a decade now. Were they here some time in February? Yep.

And then there's the college accounting office that wants a refund for sales taxes (the school's tax exempt) - from a stay last November, before we switched operating systems. Disputed amount is just over $5, can't tell if it's already been refunded or not.

Just. Stop. Bothering. Me.

*For reference, Google Bill Engval - Here's Your Sign
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