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I've had trouble the past week or so with my hands swelling, mostly at night, then shrinking back down gradually through the day. Kinda reminds me of the way my feet swelled sometimes when I was pregnant. They really hurt to move when it first started, I thought maybe I'd just overdone it between knitting and bank audits. (Counting large volumes of bills.) They aren't swelling nearly as much now, but the past couple of days I wake up to find tiny little micro-bruises, like little dark red flecks just below the surface. It showed up mainly between my fingers and across the ball of my hand (palm side below the fingers), a little in the crooks of my elbows. I was on my laptop awhile this morning, sitting on the end of the bed leaning on my left hand; after an hour or so I had quite a few of the microbruises across the backs of my fingers where I'd been leaning on them, and around my wrist under my (metal) watch strap. I'm calling these tiny spots microbruises because they fade the same way bruises do, changing to yellow and brown. The ones on my left hand from this morning are darker, purplish like a bad bruise.

Any clues what leads to bruising easily? I felt pretty bad over the weekend and early this week. I had been taking store-brand Claritin for spring allergies but it gave me sinus migraines, so I stopped again and felt better once it wore off. I doubled up my B-complex supplements to fight the fatigue (bottle says to take one or two, I'd usually take one) and I've been using a spray nasal decongestant every 12 hours so I can breathe comfortably. I can tell when the spray's wearing off, my cheekbones feel like they're on fire until I take it again, but so far the overall improvement's been worth that side effect.

Yesterday and today have been good days physically, which makes me feel a lot better emotionally too - except for the weird bruising thing. I don't get it.
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