Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

Wizard 101 withdrawal

Our kids got me hooked on Wizard 101. I played through all the free areas, used $5 from a gift card to unlock the other half of the first world and played a lot there. Kids saw me in new areas and went nuts, we started talking game strategies. So gazerwolf convinced me to (1) link the kids' shared account to mine so I have parental control for both, then (2) buy family subscriptions for both of us to get full access. As he put it, any time we can find common ground to keep a tween talking to a parent, go for it. I've also got full forum access (kids are read-only) and a subscriber perk I just found out about, access to test worlds when they're running so we get to play-test new goodies first.

I play on breaks at work too, tried to log in for a few and it locks up on me. "Solution 123 error" it says - usually temporary it claims, trouble installing the patch files they released a couple of days ago. I tried off and on over a couple of hours and kept getting that error, so I've sent in a support ticket. Hopefully it really is something temporary and/or easy to fix (perhaps delete game & reinstall) and not being blocked by some corporate firewall. Though from the FAQ it looks like a firewall error has a different code number.

Oh well, I found a nice fan blog to check out in the meantime.

ETA Reinstalling worked, it's let me in the beginning areas. I'll leave it running so it can finish downloading graphics & sounds. And yes, Gazer, I made a decent dent in my other project for the day.
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